AgriMend is a highly soluble form of calcium. It owes its industry leading solubility to it unique geological inception. It is the result of a high temperature and pressure geothermal event. 

Soluble calcium gives the farmer maximum utility by being able to time applications for when soluble calcium can have the maximum effect on the growing environment. 

We want growers to view calcium like a fertilizer not an amendment.

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Because of AgriMend's granulated form and solubility AgriMend can be applied at any time during the year. 


Soil water infiltration rates tend to decline as summer temperature and water usage sets in. Typically any effects on water infiltration rates from mined calcium products have been diminished with winter rainfall as the calcium has moved deeper into the soil profile. 

This is also when sodium stress is at its highest if water quality is a concern. 

This is when AgriMend has maximum effect as other less soluble forms of calcium need more water to be effective than being supplied. AgriMend needs minimal water to dissolve into the soil profile. 

AgriMend will help buffer the negative effects of sodium in water as well as help redistribute sodium away from the root zone to allow maximum nutrient uptake.


Save time money and boost nutrient uptake by using AgriMend in your fertilizer blends. 

AgriMend and Potassium uptake in sodium affected soils 

 Potassium is an activator of many enzymes which are essential for metabolic reactions. Plant cells need to maintain high potassium levels under salt stress in order to maintain normal metabolic function. Insufficient potassium concentrations affect enzymatic reactions and osmotic adjustment.

 Potassium concentration in plant tissue is reduced as the sodium concentration in the root zone is increased.Excessive sodium ions at the root surface disrupt plant potassium nutrition. Because of the similar chemical nature of sodium and potassium ions, sodium has a strong inhibitory effect on potassium uptake by the root. Plants use both low and high affinity systems for potassium uptake. Sodium ions have a more damaging effect on the low-affnity system which have a low potassium/sodium selectivity. 


Potassium deficiency inevitably leads to growth inhibition because potassium plays a critical role in maintaining cell turgor, membrane potential and enzyme activities. 

AgriMend applied with potassium increases potassium uptake. AgriMends benefit is two fold. Firstly, because of its high solubility AgriMend dissolves rapidly moving into the root zone where it is able to displace sodium allowing it to move from the root zone. Once sodium is moved it allows it improves potassium uptake due to reduced competition with sodium. 


Adequate levels of calcium also assist in potassium/ sodium selectivity. This beneficial effect of calcium is mediated through a signaling pathway that regulates activity of potassium and sodium transporters. Calcium may also directly suppress sodium import mediated by nonselective cation channels.